Young firefighters from all Europe will meet in Candriai, Trentino

Over one hundred students Firefighters representing no less than 13 European countries, in addition to Russia, members of the CTIF, the International Technical Committee for prevention and extinguishing fires. They are the protagonists of the Symposium 2016, which takes place for the first time in Italy. To host the works, from 5 to 8 May, the Candriai Aerat training center. Friday, May 6, beginning at 9.00 a.m., is scheduled the official opening of the festival.
The event, held every two years, provides for three intense days of confrontation on topics related to the world of youth fire brigade, for which each country will send a delegation consisting of three students and two accompanying persons, as well as moments aimed to discover the excellences historical and cultural that embellish the city of Trento.
The title of the Symposium 2016 is "Youth fire brigade - Challenges of the Future." A challenge that students from all over Europe, aged between 15 and 18 years, will seize and interpret to carry on and improve more and more in this centuries-old tradition of our community.

The issues under discussion in the various workshops, kept strictly in English, they are: "Transfer of the Youth Fire Brigade to active duty", dedicated to the transition from student to policeman active;
"Integration: challenges / opportunities?", Which will highlight how the problem of integration of foreign children walk also by the corps of the fire brigade;
"Youth Fire Brigade still has a future?", Focused on the future that awaits the Fire Department students;
"Challenges by children fire départements", which will focus on the challenge that will face the Children wishing to wear the uniform of the policeman.

To give the opportunity to follow the symposium to all those who can not attend (for logistical reasons the event has a limited number), for the first time this year the final stages, with the results and the workshop reports, will be transmitted live and streamed on the site of Trentino TV. In this way everybody, all over the world, will ideally follow their students will be working at this prestigious forum.
In the days prior to the Symposium will meet, also in Candriai, the International Committee of the Fire Department Students (IJLK), programming and organizes international competitions - the CTIF Olympics, dedicated precisely to the students - which in 2017 will take place in Villach, Austria.

Welcome the President of the Federation of the bodies of brigade volunteers of the Province of Trento fire

The young Firefighters at the center of the Symposium of May

Presidente Alberto Flaim

Alberto Flaim

Often in official ceremonies we speak and hear about the values ​​that support the work of the Volunteer Fire Department. It is in fact important principles, which are the basis of that institution: this is when terms such as volunteering, sense of belonging, a spirit of service to the community, self-denial, of material significance when compared to the history and current events of the our institution. A sense very solid and concrete, rooted in everyday experience of those who wear or have worn this uniform.

This is the great heritage that is the foundation of the Trentino voluntary firefighters world, and is strategic to be able to transfer to the younger generation these sentiments and propensities. In this sense, there are many initiatives undertaken by the Federation to ensure a "generational change" that knows how to communicate to young people not only operational and technical skills capacity, but also the values ​​that more than one hundred years ago prompted many people in a particular area Trentino to meet and get available for the safety of their community.

Even with this in mind, the Federation has promoted this very important event, namely the Symposium, in Trento, with many nations participating in the CTIF in our province.

Will be three days of significant discussion and reflection on key issues affecting the world of youth fire brigade in the European context. The title of the Symposium "Youth fire brigade - to challenges of the future" is an example of the topics covered: the proactive involvement of young people is therefore a challenge for all European countries and beyond (even scheduled a delegation of the Russian Federation) which is to imagine a future for the institution of voluntary firefighters, that captures the changes in society and knows how to adapt, never dispersing, however, that potential ethical and behavioral principles, which are an inescapable common denominator.

In the concrete will discuss issues related to the transition from active Brigade students, the issues related to the management of young people in relation to the commitment of being the Fire Department: very interesting, finally, the time dedicated to understanding what and how much this institution can do to promote the integration of foreign students. And here I associate myself with what was said just above: even on this issue we measure the capacity of our world to adapt to changes in our society - necessarily different from that which greeted the founding of the first bodies, 150 years ago - even managing to be sources able to give answers and work, alongside the other institutions, to promote integration in an increasingly multicultural society.

Precisely because we believe that this edition of the Symposium will offer for debate and reflection important, we wanted to enlarge the potential audience and in fact for the first time there will be the opportunity to watch live TV on Trentino TV and web streaming (also on the website of Trentino tv) of the final stages of discussion and workshops. One way to make participate all bodies of this international event and to allow teams of belonging of the participants of other nations to follow the work ... from a distance. Of course the event will be ensured by the Federation maximum visibility through the various communication tools at our disposal, such as the periodic The Fireman, the Facebook page which is having good results, the Twitter profile of the Federation and - of course - thanks to the collaboration and spaces that local media will want to devote.

It is, finally, a wide-ranging event, which gives prestige and international visibility to the world of voluntary firefighters of Trentino.

welcome, therefore, to all the participants in this symposium, especially the young people who represent the future of voluntary firefighters.

Monte Bondone and surroundings

The host structure, the training center Aerat Candriai

To host the Symposium is the educational center Aerat Candriai, Monte Bondone, surrounded by greenery and tranquillity. At a handful of kilometers from Trento, a city of the Renaissance style art, meeting point between the Italian and Central European cultures, it was chosen to host the eponymous Ecumenical Council. Renaissance era preserves interesting relics, many of which show themselves in the eyes of the traveler on the facades of palaces that adorn and embellish the old town.
The history of the city has, however, more distant roots that date back to the Roman Empire: Tridentum still retain traces in the underground archaeological site.

Dominating the city Buonconsiglio Castle, a medieval fortress transformed by the Prince Bishops in an elegant house and now a prestigious museum. It consists of different buildings, each witness of an era and its protagonists. Of particular prestige the Eagle Tower, which houses the famous frescoes of the "Cycle of months," one of the most important examples of international gothic.
Of great interest it is also the cathedral dedicated to S. Vigilio, built in Romanesque-Lombard style and inside which were promulgated the decrees of the Council of Trent, as well as the many museums dotted around the area, from the Diocese of Trent, which exhibits works covering a chronological period between the thirteenth and nineteenth centuries, the peculiar Galleries Piedicastello, two road tunnels abandoned transformed into original exhibition spaces, passing by the Muse, the new Museum of Science. This is an innovative and futuristic museum, designed by Renzo Piano and inaugurated three years ago, able to interpret the nature and biodiversity from mountain landscape with eyes, tools and applications of scientific research, taking advantage of the challenges of contemporaneity.

The city of Trento is also the crossroads of different cycle routes and therefore an ideal starting point for those who love to move and stay in the nature. The mountain bikers will find a path that comes from the center on Monte Bondone and there gravel roads that wind Plateau Viote. For those who want a path from myth is the Charly Gaul climb, always towards Bondone, named after the legendary cyclist who in '56 won the Giro stage under a snow storm.

Castello del Buonconsiglio

Castello del Buonconsiglio

Trento piazza Duomo

Trento - Piazza Duomo

Monte Bondone

Veduta del Monte Bondone

Monte Bondone

Monte Bondone

Centro formativo Candriaim

Centro formativo Candriai

Castello del Buonconsiglio

Castello del Buonconsiglio

International Youth Leader Commision

TRENTO - ITALY - 5-8 May 2016

Thursday 5th May


Friday 6th May

At Centro Formativo AREAT di Candriai - Strada di Candriai, 15
38123 Candriai
9.00 Opening of the Symposium
Welcome address
Speech on "Integration into the Fire Department"
(President of the Federation of the Squads of Volunteer Fire Brigade of Trentino)
Presentation of the themes of the Symposium:
• Transition students/seniors (Finland)
• Integration and immigration (Great Britain)
• Values ​​and future of the Students of the Fire Brigade (Germany)
• Child Fire Brigade (Poland and Czech Republic)
Creation of the Working Groups
10.00 Coffe Break
10.14 Workshops begin
12.14 Lunch
14.30 Restart of the workshops
16.30 End of works

Saturday 07th May

At Grand Hotel Trento - Piazza Dante, 20 - 38122 Trento
9.00 Closing Ceremony
Welcome address
Exposition of Graspo works
Presentation of Nations , topic "The Fire Brigade of my Country"
Delivery of certificates of participation and final speeches
12.45 Lunch buffet at the Grand Hotel Trento

Sunday 08th Maggio


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